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Animalyze Your Face

Description ***** Animalyze Your Face *****

How would your friends, family and You look with animal faces? With our app you'll feel yourself in animals skin. Change Your face now with "Animalyze Your Face"!
NOTE: Use as much as possible frontal photos to make an effect be realistic.


Animal Faces:
- 36 original animal faces available.

- Ability to use built-in camera (front, rear) to detect zombies.
- Switch between front and rear camera (if applicable).
- Ability to apply color layer to end photo.

Photo Album:
- Ability to analyze already existed photos from photo album.

- Ability to save photo to internal library.
- Ability to share photos via twitter, facebook, email.
- Ability to save photo to photo album.
- Ability to copy photo.
- Ability to print photo.
- Ability to show/hide share actions.

- Saving captured photos internally in library.
- Ability to delete photos from Library.

- Ability to choose the set of faces to apply on photos.

Enjoy and have fun with "Animalyze Your Face"!!!

Tom said...

While the face detection is cool I recommend the ability to adjust the animal face by hand. I also think you should be able to tap a face to apply instead of all the checking of multiple selections. It is a cool app and the images are well done.

Mauro said...

App not working :(

Cherrera said...

App not working. No way. Bad publicity. Do not purchase. Refund pls

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