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Cool Alarm

Exclusive Cool Alarm will help you to wake up in the morning, remember the important meeting, meet the friend in airport.

Cool Alarm has an attractive and intuitive design that makes the interaction even more feasible. Turn On Cool Alarm and get a big helper!!!

Features included:

Clock - Gorgeous LCD display
- On/Off Auto-lock
- 12 or 24 hour format

- Multiple alarms supported.
- 8 built-in sounds supported: Old-Old Phone (default), Army Trumpet Loud, Bells Awesome, Cuckoo Parrot, Eagle, Peacock, Red-Tailed Hawk and Time Bomb.
- Ability to select your favorite song from iPod Library.
- The frequency of repetitions is customizable.
- Snooze is customizable.
- Alarm message is customizable.
- Background alarm support.

- Weather information integration. - Temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit formats.
- Weather conditions.
- The normalized high and low temperatures.

Enjoy Cool Alarm!
Steve said...

I purchased your clock App which looks very impressive, the only problem I am experiencing is that after I have entered three different alarm times, and place my iPhone 4S on it’s side, the App crashes and I am returned to my face page on the phone.
Any suggestions would be appreciated please.

Studeo4ios said...

Hi Steve,
Could you please describe that scenario in more details? Please try to reproduce it and send exact steps. We’ll try to fix it.
Thanks in advance.

Steve said...

Thank you for getting back to me so promptly.
I entered three separate times for three separate days (10.30am for Mon, Tues, Wed, Sun) (6.45am for Thursday) and (6am for Saturday).
I then plug in my iPhone 4S to the 240v mains and the clock works perfect in the vertical position, but as soon as I turn the phone to the horizontal position, the clock clicks off and I am returned to my icon page. The same thing happens even if the phone is not connected to the 240v mains supply.
If I tap on the clock icon, it opens perfect in the vertical position, but repeats itself when I turn the phone to the horizontal position.
If I only have one alarm activated or no alarms at all programmed into the App, then the clock works in the horizontal as well as the vertical position.
I hope I have explained the problem. Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.
Kind Regards

Studeo4ios said...

Hi Steve,
We found a problem. It will be fixed in coming update. Thank you very much for your support, we really appreciate it!

Kevin said...

I’m having the exact same problem that. Steve is having. Looking forward to the next update.

Studeo4ios said...

We are trying to fix that.

App Reviewer said...

Hey, the Cool Alarm Clock is a nice App. Easy to use, nice features and very polished looks. Keep up the great work. Remember to add a feature to Rate your App, Get Help, Contact for Ideas, from in the App’s Settings. Ya?

Studeo4ios said...

Thanks for the feedback! We have already Rate feature there.

Tyler said...


I just wanted to inform you that Cool Alarm Clock is featured in today’s AppAdvice.com AppsGoneFree list: http://appadvice.com/appnn/2012/04/todays-apps-gone-free-photo-wall-pro-ilightningcam-vocalia-and-more

It can also be found in our standalone app: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/appsgonefree/id470693788?mt=8

It would be great if it could remain free until at least 11:59 PM PDT today (4/16) in order to give all of our readers a chance to download it.


Studeo4ios said...

Thank you!
It will free till 4/19, so for sure your readers will have chance to have it.


Al said...

Is there any way to get the alarm to ring with the ringer is turned off? If the phone is on vibrate and locked, the alarm appears as just a message on the notifications screen.

Hermanocleas said...

Doesn’t work.

Studeo4ios said...

We released a new version. Should be available next week. Please check that out.

Name Vanhorne said...

Does not display weather info

Vanhorne said...

Sorry forgot to turn on location services in settings’

Studeo4ios said...


Charlie Motzko said...

Hi, just put the App up to replace native alarm clock
Any chance of getting triple digit temperature ( live in AZ)?
We typically run 100+ deg F over 100 days/yr
Keep up the good work

Studeo4ios said...

Thanks for feedback. It will be fixed in upcoming update.

Studeo4ios said...

This could be the reason of not dedicating your current location. Please check if Location Services are enabled for current application from General Settings.
Otherwise the reason could be with your internet connection. Please check that as well.

Keltxo said...

I have updated the App to the latest version (2.0.3) in my iPad and the alarm has sound today (Sunday), but the Alarm is configured to sound from Monday to Friday. ¿Is there a bug now?

Studeo4ios said...

We’ll take a look. Thanks for noticing that!

Alexandre Boros said...

Je n’arrive par régler les fonctions!!!
Ne correspond pas à la description !!
Téléchargement défaillant ???
Envoyer svp le mode d’emploi
Merci Alexandre Boros

Studeo4ios said...

Hi Alexandre,
Could you please be more specific and tell what functions and instructions you meant?

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Studeo4ios said...

Thank you for message and suggestions!
Best wishes!

Supliciu said...

The weather doesn’t work right!!!! The temperature is not the real one

Studeo4ios said...

The weather grabbed from Yahoo. So, if your location detected correctly, then should be ok.


HueyR1 said...

This is an awesome app; very practical and very easy to use. One good feature would be to have the ability to use your own ringtones/ text tones as your alarm sound. Just a suggestion. :)

Studeo4ios said...

Thanks for feedback and suggestion. But for now we have ability to set your music library sound as a ringtone. Or you meant something else?


NameRichard Carson said...

Not loud enough.

Studeo4ios said...

Ok. We’ll take care

Emerson Lira said...

The APP is very good, but does not work properly when the iPhone is in Auto-Lock. The alarm sounds (Old-Old Phone)only twice (do not wake the person). Only after the iPhone is unlocked, the music selected in library starts playing.
Anyway, congratulations.

Studeo4ios said...

It repeats every minute if no actions taken.

Emerson Lira said...

Is it possible the alarm sounds using music of library, even when iPhone is in Auto-Lock?

Studeo4ios said...

For no we support it only when application in foreground.
BTW, Could you please rate the app, if you didn’t yet

Damon said...

Hey.. This is a nicely polished app, but I had a few questions/issues which I hope you can help me with. According to iTunes, I am updated to the latest version. (1.0.1)

1) When I set an alarm, it goes off perfectly, and I deleted the alarm, but now I cannot get it to stop going off every day at that time even though the alarm was deleted from the interface. I had 4 or 5 set and now the alarm just goes off whenever those times are reached (even though they’ve been deleted and no longer show in the interface)

2) When I select to play a song from my playlist, the alarm just plays one of the built in tones (which are quite quiet). The alarm ‘settings’ show that a song is selected, but this seems to be ignored and ‘old-old phone’ plays instead. I’ve tried a few songs to no avail.

I’m not sure i’ll remember coming back here to check, so if you have any questions, please email me.

Studeo4ios said...

Hi Damon,
Thanks for comments.
For the 1st we’ll try to find what the problem is and fix it in upcoming update.
For the 2nd one. When the application in background there is no ability to play sounds from playlist (iOS limitations). We have to play the currently selected built-in sound.
If you have any other issues, please mail us or send comment through the blog.

Javry said...

It causes auto-lock not work even I do set auto-lock available on this APP, when it is front screen window. I mean I didn’t put it to background.
another one issue, there’s one bug I felt that by user experience, if I set a song from my music library of iPhone, it can not be correctly play the song if APP had been return into background. song only work when APP is front screen window.

Will fix them by next update?
anyway, I feel it not bad and can be batter by your effort.

Studeo4ios said...

Hi Javry,
Thanks for comments.
When auto-lock enabled it means that it will auto-lock the screen after specified time elapsed (set from the device settings). So, if you need to disable auto-lock you have to switch it off. But anyway we’ll look into the issue. If it exists we’ll fix it in upcoming update.
When the application in background there is no ability to play sounds from playlist (iOS limitations). We have to play the currently selected built-in sound.
If you have any other issues, don’t hesitate to send us email or write through the blog.

Skyler said...

If you make this app able to be my lock screen i will pay money for it! Great app but the only way i would use this is through my lock screen :) keep up the good work guys

Studeo4ios said...

Hi Skyler,
Can you provide an example?


Yasmin said...

Cool App.

One quick question.

Is there a way to add an alarm for any other day except today without going into repeat?


Studeo4ios said...

Hi Yasmin,
No, for now it is the only way. Do you think it is important feature to be included?

Yasmin said...

Yes. If its not too much trouble.


Skyler said...

When my phone is locked and i press the home button or lock button to check time, its your app that i see such as the times and alarms and temp! Hope this clarifys what i meant! Thanks for your responce!

TOmjay said...

Hi there, great app! Just one question: how to snooze when iPad is locked?

Studeo4ios said...

Hi Tomjay,
For now in lock/background mode after playing up to 30 seconds (depends on ringtone) it snoozes automatically by 1 minute and then replays.

Leslie said...

Hey Rob sorry to comment here, didn’t see anetohr obvious way to contact you. I moved your q. to github, and I have to kill all the comments on the Imagemapster web site because I screwed something up with the disqus config. Or just email me directly if you prefer.

derlinzer said...

Why don’t you reply to threads for other apps? I posted a question about Trip Pages around two weeks ago and there’s still no answer…

Erik said...


If you change the brightness and turn the device, it will go back to full strength. That’s a little BUG.


Studeo4ios said...

Hi Erik,
Thanks! Actually we saw that and didn’t fix that on purpose, since we thought it is funny semi-feature. So, we thinking more positive about that.
Do you really think it should save the brightness on rotation?

Erik said...

Yes, I think you should save it. It looks like it is saved already, because after rotating and touching the screen and slide a bit, the old brightness comes back. So that’s why it looks wrong.

Natasha said...

Hi there,
This App is priced at .99 cents on ITunes store ?? Yet it states that it is “Free 2Day Only ” in the description & is advertised on AppDeals for free also… Could someone pls let me know what the actual cost is ?


Sent from my iPad

Studeo4ios said...

Hi Natasha,
It was free for 2 days. Now it is back to price 0.99.

derlinzer said...

@Studeo4ios: So you are replying to comments. But why don’t you answer mine?

Tim said...

Are there directions to put in messages or reminders? The screen doesn’t look like the pictures, the pictures show forecast and messages. How do I get similar to the pictures

Studeo4ios said...

Hi Tim,
You should edit existing alarm with the button in the left and go to Alarm Message menu. Or do it during alarm creation.

Andreas said...

after the update to the crash of the program is removed by turning the program works visually at least stable. But I have another problem. On my iPhone 4 I set four timers. But only one of them reminds me of the appointment. This timer is set every day 9.00 p.m. clock. Other timers are at 7.00 am and 9.00 am and end at 7.00 pm. 7:00 p.m. The dates will be held each day. 7:00 a.m. will be held in the working week. 9:00 a.m. will be held on the weekend. At least that’s the plan. Remember doing only 9.00 p.m. What is not clear to me what does the “nap”. Unfortunately, I have found no explanation. And what causes the “auto lock”?
best regards

Studeo4ios said...

Hi Andreas,
We’ll into the issue. Thanks for bringing that.
The auto-lock feature prevent device from lock if you needed it for some reason. By default it is on and device will lock in N minutes defined in device Settings. Setting this Off preventing device from locking.

Andreas said...

okay. I have the set. Now the alarms are displayed and also sound. But now comes an error message -43 on the display.
“The operation couldn´t be completed. (OSStatus error -43.)”
The program crashes but it does not.

Andreas said...

And what does nap? Should be the snooze?

Jack said...

Just downloaded the ap. Noticed that the day, moth etc. is in German. The rest in English. How it come in 2 languages, and can I switch languages?


Studeo4ios said...

Hi Jack,
Please check the General Settings, International section. There are 2 things there: Language which is the current language and Region format, which is format for date, time, currency and etc.
So, probably they different on your side.

Foster said...

I just downloaded your app for iPad and I cannot get the reminders to work, what is the secret?

Joelle said...

I figured it out

Studeo4ios said...

Could you please describe the exact problem?
You cannot add reminders or you add them and they don’t work?

Karyn said...

I have installed app and weather feature is not showing. My husband said when prompted to allow location… He did not allow. How do I get that prompt back.

Thank you ,

Name Nghi Nguyen said...

You can go to Setting>Privacy>Location Services. Choose that and it will open a list for you.

Buble said...

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Nghi said...

It’s cool. Thanks. But the weather window is N/A. Would you please help?

Jen said...

Why does the alarm go off on Saturday and Sunday when I have it set to only alert on weekdays?

LynneM said...

I was loving this app until it started to only work sporadicly. I have two alarms set. One set for 7 days a week and the other 5 days a week. But, it’s unpredictable when each will work. The past two days, nothing.

Joel said...

Is there a vibrate feature for this alarm?
Thanks for any reply,

Sandra said...


I’ve been using Cool Alarm for about a year and like it very much. Recently, however, the local weather information has disappeared. All that shows now is “N/A.” How can this be fixed? Your assistance would be much appreciated.

Sandra said...


Thanks for the recent weather fix. Unfortunately, it only lasted for about 24 hours. The display is back to “N/A.” Would you please try, again? Thank you.

Sandra said...

Weather is back! I had to reboot my iPod Touch. Maybe that fixed it. Sorry to have bothered you.

Blanka said...

Why the new bug fix version doesn’t support iOS 4.2.1 any more? If you add some new feature and remove the iPhone 3G support, it’s fine. However, this is a BUG fix!!!! I want my Cool Alarm Work normal as it should be in iOS 4.2.1 with my iPhone3G!! Please release a new version with iPhone3G support!!!!!!

Name ralph rowley said...

Dear Steve i have my cool alarm set for 6.20 am to ring monday & friday only. It continues to wake me up every day at that time. I tried removing program and installing again same problem. Hope you can help with this problem. Thanks ralph

Joel said...

After the 9/12/2014 update, the clock face changes to a screen of ads after about 10 mins. How can I prevent this? I use the app as a clock on my night stand. Doesn’t do me much good as a clock, if I can’t see the clock.

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