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Night Camera

1. Amplifire picker
2. Color saturation picker
3. Green amplification mode
4. Fast exposure
5. Front, rear camera
6. Led light
7. HD photo video mode
8. Focus refresh button
9. 8x zoom
10. Bult In library
11. Photo video slider
12. E-mail photo video share
13. Facebook photo video share
14. Twitter phot video share
15. Dropbox photo video share

Name said...

How to zoom the video? I cant zoom in while using it

Clifford Peaden said...

Hi, the first letter was sent to my billing address, not my shipping address. I do not know if it is just me or other folks had this dilemma but I just planned to let you guys know. It was definitely disappointing not getting the letter where I am appropriate now!


Roland said...

help! all clips are WITHOUT SOUND! any idea?

Jammu said...

It doesn’t work! I want my money back!

Randy said...

I am very disappointed with this app. All it produces are millisecond videos with a black screen.

Emma said...

Video does not work

Matthew said...

When I make a video it plays fine with sound in the app but when I save the video to my photo album on my iPhone the sound goes away, the video plays but plays with no sound after it saved to my photo album, Will this be fixed, for now if anyone else is having the same problem, also noting that uploading to Facebook directly seems to timeout and error out, what I have done is this, I upload the video from from the app directly to dropbox and then from dropbox I post the link to my Facebook then when people click the link in Facebook it’s streams from dropbox with video and audio, but it sure would be nice if The app would exported properly to my photo album on my iPhone with audio so that I can simply upload directly and also have a copy of the video with audio in my photo albums, anyone at the app developer ever read these messages? Will you be making it work so that a video exports probably the iPhone photo album with video and & and the audio intact

Veronica said...

We’re is my vidro

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