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Speedometer s54 Free

Speed Limit Alert System

Don't worry about exceeding the speed anymore! Set the speed limit and drive calmly, Speedometer will warn you when you go beyond it. Moreover, the application will track your GPS coordinates and draw movement trajectory, pointing your current location on standard, satelite or hybrid maps.
Observe your way and control the speed only with your new careful friend Speedometer.

Features included:

- Easy use speed picker.
- Supports speeds limit up to 120mph in mph mode and 175km/h in km/h mode.
- Ability to reset tracking information.

- Switch between mph or km/h mode.

- GPS accuracy indicator.

- Speed tracking in mph or km/h based on MPH or KM/H mode.
- Distance tracking in miles or kilometeres based on MPH or KM/H mode.
- Time tracking.
- Tracking location on map.
- Ability to turn tracking off/on.
- Longitude, latitude coordinates.

- Satellite maps mode.
- Hybrid maps mode.
- Standard maps mode.
- Tracking location changes trajectory.

Note: Continued use of the GPS will drain the battery. It is recommended to use the charger during running the application.

Enjoy Speedometer s54 !!!
Louis van Wyk said...

Will this app be compatible with the IPAD 3 WiFi?

Studeo4ios said...

No it is compatible with WiFi+3G and WiFi+4G


J ai téléchargé il y a 2 jours l application réveil en activant la localisation il est toujours sur la même ville OMEGA PARTLY CLOUDY et jim n y y’a rien dans le rectangle alarme qui ne fonctionne pas QUE FAIRE je l’ai déjà desinstalle et reinstalle

Brent said...

Please fix the flashlight so it does not come on when I start the app.

Studeo4ios said...

Will be fixed in upcoming updates.

Mark said...

When I click to install it on my IPad2 iTunes tells me it is not compatible and that it requires a gps. I can’t get past that block.

Studeo4ios said...

That’s probably because your iPad2 equipped with WiFi only, not WiFi+3G. Application requires constant internet connection to work correctly.

Donovan said...

I have Bluetooth gps for my iPad and iPod and I would like to us them with this app it would be nice if u fix your app so I can download this app on my iPad and iPod So I can us the bluetooth gps to track were I go

Josh said...

In the app store it says “Limited time free” then it also says its .99 cents, what’s the deal

Studeo4ios said...

Already updated. Sorry for that

Josh said...

It says free for a limited time, and charges you 99 cents to get it. Either charge or don’t, but don’t lead people on.

Studeo4ios said...

Already changed. Thanks for noticing that!

Ray Duncan said...

I have down loaded your app an none of the dials come up so I only have the flashlight function why?

Name Rob Plain said...

Just installed CDSAC and am having trouble
Understanding how the coarse function works.
How do I set a coarse and what do I do with
It after it’s set.


Randall Adams said...

How do I stop the app and see my reading? I seey stats but the clock keeps going and brings my numbers down

Srinivas said...

I have Bluetooth gps for my iPad and iPod and I like to us them with this app. Can u please update the app so I can download the app on my iPad and iPod So I can us the bluetooth gps to track. Thanks in advance

Studeo4ios said...

Thanks for suggestion.
We’ll take that into consideration planning next update.

Manuel said...

Great app. Only thing missing is its ability to automatically recognize the speed limit on the road it is traveling and sound when the speed is exceeded; instead of having to manually set it every time you change roads. GPS Plus from Telenav has that ability bu,t limited to when one sets a destination instead of just when one wants to coast. It would be awesome if you guys would add that capability to your app. Just a thought.

Studeo4ios said...

Hi Manuel,
We were thinking of this ability, but there is no reliable, no run-time way to do this right now, since not all countries and not all roads have tag which identify the max speed. But this feature is really awesome. We’ll try to integrate it when there will be reliable opportunity.
Thanks for you suggestion.
And please rate this app, if you really found it great.

Jim Stubchaer said...

I just bought CFSAC for my iPhone 3GS. It does not appear under Location Services so I cannot turn on GPS for it. It only functions as a magnetic compass. Any help?
Also, what is the slider at the bottom of the screen for?
The power button illuminates when toggled but does not seem to do anything. No flashlight appears. Again, any help?

Jucimar said...

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Steve said...

Can you look back at intervals and check time date. Ect
For reviewing travel history for the day or week ?
Thanks ,

Studeo4ios said...

Hi Steve,
For we haven’t such ability. This is something we may have in upcoming updates. Thanks for suggestion.

Joe Plummer said...

I have an iPad without cellular. I don’t understand why I cannot download this app. I do have a Bluetooth GPS. These apps should be downloadable to any iPad. Just put in description that if you have iPad without cellular then you need separate GPS system.

Joe Plummer said...

Didn’t realize this has been addressed. Looks like you have a lot more users if you let us with external gps be able to use app.

NameDennis said...

I have a xgps150 GPS antenna,still will not work.

Hos in ahadi said...

Hi polis surse

raj said...

i want to fix it in my new bike. tell me where i can get it and how match its cast.

Stuart A said...

Please please please consider making the font size of speed (numbers) bigger in the next update!
Even an option to flick between 2 sizes,
The current size is way too small.
I’m finding I need to stare at my phone to see the speed I’m doing, rather than seeing out the corner of my eye look
Normal speedometers.
Not good whilst riding a bike or driving,

Nelson said...

It does not seem to be comparable with iPad two it did not detect GPS.

Name jamal mos said...

ERROR: please type a comment

LoneCoyote said...

Well it worked some what before the upgrade which was to prevent it from stopping after 30 minutes. Well they achieved that because now it WILL NOT START AT ALL!!!!!
Junk apparently so save your cash as they will take it without any support.

Tony said...

I can’t install the app. It keeps saying that the iPad mini isn’t supported.

Kier said...

Hi the gps is not working how can I fixit

Jim F said...

The alarm has stopped sounding when I exceed the set speed. How do I fix it?

Robert fiore said...

Yes it will work with ipad wifi only. If you have a gps bluetooth devive like my garmin. So just let us wifi only folks downoad it.

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