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Zombie Detector (Smart Camera)

What would the world look like if there lived only zombies? How would your friends, family and You look? Some people in the world hide behind mask of ordinary people. With our app you'll rip the mask and discover the true face. Don't let the zombies continue hiding. Unmask them now with "Zombie Smart camera"!
NOTE: Use as much as possible frontal photos to make an effect be realistic.


- Ability to use built-in camera (front, rear) to detect zombies.
- Switch between front and rear camera (if applicable).
- Ability to apply color layer to end photo.

Photo Album
- Ability to analyze already existed photos from photo album.

- Ability to save photo to internal library.
- Ability to share photos via twitter, facebook, email.
- Ability to save photo to photo album.
- Ability to copy photo.
- Ability to print photo.
- Ability to show/hide share actions.

- Saving captured photos internally in library.
- Ability to delete photos from Library.

- Information about zombies.
- Additional paid faces.

- Ability to choose the set of faces to apply on photos.

Enjoy and have fun with "Zombie Smart Camera"!!!
Alexia Cenci said...


Studeo4ios said...

Thanks Alexia,
Please rate the application as well. It will be very helpful.
Thanks in advance!

matheus said...


nicu said...

vrieu asa ce va

Larry said...

Does not work….I spend $1.99 for nothing…I took a picture with front facing camera nothing works

Les Mayfield said...

Compass 54 Pro, doesn’t work while connected to wifi
Please advise, Les

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